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COPOSITION: From Ecklonia Cava Brown Algae, polygonum cuspidatum, or Japanese knotweed Powder as source of Anti Aging, Resveratol, Cardamom to reverse ED and improve performance, Ginger, Curcuma, as anti – Cancer, anti – Inflammations, Beet powder with other 23 Herbs & Veggies work as improving blood circulation, and general performance, renewal of brain and body cells, reverse your performance to your age 20, and add the following properties.
1. Power Balance Tea is a mixture of about 28 natural Veggies including deep Ocean Ecklonia Cava which is Super Antioxidant, and other contents, help restore your health and brings a youth feeling back to your age TWENTY
2. Tea spoon of the Power Balance Tea, mix well with boiling cup of water, sweet with your usual sweeten, and drink and eat the residue before your breakfast or just before going to sleep,
3. Power Balance Tea reverses Erectile Dysfunction, by rejuvenate damaged endothelial cells to restore production of the chemical nitric oxide (NO) that keeps the arterial walls relaxed and diluted with no side effects.
4. Power Balance Tea is Super Antioxidant, because othe molecular structure of its contents has a free radical scavenging ability of of 10 to 100 times more powerful than green tea catechins.
5. Power Balance Tea supports Cardiovascular Health, because its contents have shown to improve coronary disease by inhibiting the oxidation of LDL(bad) Cholesterol, scrubbing the plaque off the endothelial lining, and preventing vascular inflammatory response. The contents of Power Balance Tea have also shown in various trials and studies to lower Chlestrol and reduce high blood pressure.
6. Power Balance Tea improves Brain Function, it is fat soluble and has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier, it increased memory related neurotransmitter activity in the brain by 140 percent.
7. Power Balance Tea Relieves Allergies, without side effects of drowness or dizziness that are common in pharmaceutical drugs.
8. Power Balance Tea Overcomes Fibromyalgia, it decreases pain by 30%, increases over all condition by 40 percent, boosted energy levels by 70 percent, improved depth by 80 percent.
9. Power Balance Tea one of its contents, in recent study, has been shown to reverse fat deposition on liver and pancreas cells, and significantly inhibit inflammation in the pancreas
10. Power Balance Tea Reduces Arthritis, because mor than one of its contents have natural anti-inflammatory properties without side effects, it has also showed to reduce nerve pain by 40%in gust four weeks.
11. Power Balance Tea inhibits enzyme DGAT which is responsible about Obesity.
12. Power Balance Tea overcomes Hand Tremors, Knee Problems, Muscle Problems, and Back Pain Overcome.
The information provided in this hub is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your physician, or health care provider before taking any home remedies, supplements or starting a new health regime.

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We do consultants, and researches, in the field of all branches of Life Science, and as Supervisors for  medical engineering equipment projects for hospitals and for patients,as for development, and for starting new projects,. We put suggestion for the the starting materials, and their substitutes, we do researches for the best quality, and cost estimation. We co-operate with many researchers, researching institutes, and genes companies, we work with donation organization, and individuals related to the beneficiary patients and on their responsibility, whom help them, by donate the budget for their needed medical equipment, also helping the developments of medical engineering equipments.  The patient contact with our Company and we help him or her until  obtain his or her requirment by managing the fund and the researches.  The donors with patient transfer the fund to our company through the attached virtual Merchant Terminal, or by any means, and after we finish our study we give order to the provider to supply the equipment after testing by the patient’s doctors, and our specialists.  We transfer cost of the equipment to the provider of the Medical equipment, and discount the charges, and taxes to  our comany. We also co-operate with genes companies to do researches on the patient whom suffers from decorous  diseases to determine the most effective medicine determined by the genes tests, these tests usually cost about $ 350,000, may be from donation organization, or by patient’s funds.


Electric nerve stimulator

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Just the patient contact our Company, we give him the primary consultation for free, explain to him or her all the work needed to be done, in case the patient accept our plan he or she has to transfer the fund to our company through the Merthant terminal attached to this website the patient satisfaction is guarantee

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